November 29, 2023

New Work: Lindt Choco Wafer

We recently collaborated with Lindt and the creative team at Design Bridge and Partners on the launch TVC for the new Lindt product ‘Choco Wafer.’ This product not only received the highest taste rating of any new Lindt product in recent years, but it also won ‘The Grocer’s New Product & Packaging Awards 2023’ in the confectionery category earlier this month.

The entire commercial was directed by Simon Barnes, and all chocolate processes were created and captured in-camera in our studio.

The Art Of Shooting Chocolate

We’re serious about the Art of Shooting Chocolate. It takes a lot of research, testing and preparation before we can even begin to shoot.
Simon Barnes (Director / DOP) and Nicolas Klemp (Packs & Product Specialist) headed off to Italy to take a tour of the factory, to see and understand the process in preparation for the shot to ensure the best ‘performance’ of the chocolate.

We Do Our Homework

“Even with our speciality and expertise in shooting chocolate, there is still a huge amount of research and development that goes into a shoot like this. We don’t just conceptualize, we do our homework and we test and retest and test again. We need to master colour, consistency and movement of the product. There is a lot more work behind the scenes before the actual shoot days than people might think.” – Simon Barnes

Take a peak behind the scenes:

Not our first rodeo with Lindt


We shot Lindt Nuxor at the end of 2021 and look forward to a continued relationship with some new and exciting projects on the horizon.